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Nutrition and Health Research

In August 2010, Pharmavite launched a quarterly newsletter for health professionals that focuses on science and policy information in the dietary supplement industry. Topics include nutrition and health research, nutrition trends and guidance, and health policy and legislative news.

We invite you to read the latest editions and forward to your colleagues.

Volume 5, Issue 2. July, 2014
  • Improving Heart Health
  • Americans are missing the mark on fish, omega-3 consumption
  • Guest Column: Plant Sterols: An Effective Dietary Adjunct for Maintaining a Healthy Cholesterol Level
  • USDA to Establish a Center to Study Food Behavior
  • Ask Dr. Brooks: Multivitamins
Volume 5, Issue 1. May, 2014
  • Springing into Wellness
  • Are Multivitamins Really a Waste of Money? An Analysis of the Annals of Internal Medicine Studies and Commentary
  • A Softgel Dietary Supplement Containing Plant Esterified Plant Sterols and Stanols as an Effective Option to Lower Cholesterol
  • Dietary Guidelines Update
  • Ask Dr. Brooks: Why is vitamin D supplementation important, and how much vitamin D do my patients need?
Volume 4, Issue 2. October, 2013
  • The Mediterranean Diet May Support Heart Health but Clinical Trials are Needed
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Prostate Cancer: More Smoke than Fire
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015 Update
  • Vitamin D Supplementation: Convincing Evidence in Support
  • Ask the Author: James Brooks, PhD
Volume 4, Issue 1. February, 2013
  • The Clinical Trial Conundrum: The Answer May Be in the Design
  • Calcium Update: No Link to Cardiovascular Risk
  • The Affordable Care Act: What It Means for Nutrition
  • Ask the Author: James Brooks, PhD
Volume 3, Issue 3. November 2012
  • Fish Oil Called Into Question by JAMA Study
  • Americans Fall Short of Essential Nutrients
  • Health Policy in High Gear: From the Presidential Election to Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015
  • Ask the Author: James Brooks, PhD
Volume 3, Issue 2. May, 2012
  • Health Check: Statins Associated with CoQ10 Depletion
  • Vitamin D and Calcium: Keys to Weight Management?
  • New Research May Suggest Adjustments to Cancer and CVD Primary Prevention Guidelines
  • Ask the Author: James Brooks, PhD
Volume 3, Issue 1. February, 2012
  • EPA and DHA Recommendations Reaffirmed by the American Heart Association
  • Upon Further Review: A Look at Recent Studies on Iron and Vitamin E Supplementation
  • Does “Natural” Mean Safe?
  • Ask the Author: James Brooks, PhD
Volume 2, Issue 4. November, 2011
  • The Dialogue Around Dietary Supplements
  • Nutrient Gaps Are the Norm for Americans; Not the Exception
  • Heightened Media and Scientific Attention on Vitamins and Supplements
  • Calcium Supplementation and Cardiovascular Incident Risk
  • Unintended Consequences of New Ingredient Guidelines from FDA
Volume 2, Issue 3. September, 2011
  • Dietary Supplement News To Use
  • Nutrition and Health Research: The New “Economics” of Patient Compliance
  • Nutrient Trends and Guidance: Filling the Gaps in Specialized Diets
  • Health Policy and Legislative News: Label Noise Deafening for Patients
Volume 2, Issue 2. May, 2011
  • Guiding Consumer Choice among Dietary Supplements: Strengthening Health Professional Knowledge and Readiness to Recommend Supplements
  • The Evidenced-Based Nutrition Paradigm
  • Vitamin D2 v. Vitamin D3
  • Dietary Guidelines - What It Means for Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements
  • Forming Healthy Habits: Challenges for 2015
  • USP: Demonstrating Quality and Trust
Volume 2, Issue 1. February, 2011
  • Looking towards the New Year: Treatment to Prevention
  • Harvard School of Public Health Criticizes IOM's Conservative Vitamin D Recommendations
  • Highlights from 2010: Nutrients of Concern
  • 2011 Policy Trends to Watch
  • Food Safety Bill Passes Congress
  • FDA Calls Upon Industry to Team Up to Step Up Enforcement of Tainted Products
Volume 1, Issue 2. November, 2010
  • Serving the Underserved by Meeting the Nutrient Gaps
  • New Calcium Study Supports Nutrients of Concern under DGA 2010 and Obesity Concerns
  • Mass General Hospital Study Findings Published in the American Journal of Psychiatry Shows Value of Dietary Supplement SAMe in Treatment of Adults with Major Depressive Disorders
  • The Total Diet Effect: How Physicians View Supplements
  • Health Policy Legislative Watch 2010
Volume 1, Issue 1. August, 2010
  • Vitamin D Guidance: The Research on Daily Recommended Intake
  • Guidance on Vitamins and Supplements Dietary Guidelines Committee Deciphers the Gaps Associated with Vitamin D
  • Health Care Reform Includes Individualized Wellness Pilot Plan Including Supplements
  • Regulating Supplements: A Legislative Snapshot
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